170W Reliance Solar Panels photovoltaic modules

Reliance Solar Panels: 170W

The Sun module heralds an innovative new module concept from Reliance .The full automatized production process at the Reliance  factories creates a module quality that is consistently high,which in turn will ensure high yields for the long term.

SW 155
SW 165
SW 170
Maximum power Pmax
155 Wp
165 Wp
170 Wp
Open circuit voltage Voc
43.6 V
44.0 V
44.4 V
Maximum powerpoint voltage Vmpp
34.8 V
35.3 V
35.8 V
Short circuit current Isc
4.90 A
5.10 A
5.30 A
Maximum power point current Impp
4.46 A
4.68 A
4.89 A

High Efficiency

  • Solder-coatingless cells
  • Fine Grid Electrodes
  • BSF (Back Surface Field) Structure
  • Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Back Film Reflected Light
  • Cerium-Free/High
  • Transmittance Glass
  • High Power Output in Actual Use

Solar Panels

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