190W Mitisubishi Solar Panels Highly Efficient Cells

190W MitsubishiSolar Panels solar pv

Mitsubishi Electric is dedicated to bringing you the latest in solar electric technology. State of the art research and development facilities are constantly discovering new ways to improve PV module efficiency and performance to maximize the amount of electricity your solar system

High Efficiency

  • Solder-coatingless cells
  • Fine Grid Electrodes
  • BSF (Back Surface Field) Structure
  • Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Back Film Reflected Light
  • Cerium-Free/High
  • Transmittance Glass
  • High Power Output in Actual Use

High Reliability

  • Original derating designing concept
  • Straight Tabs- Double
  • Sided Independent Tabs- Reliable Bus Bar
  • High-Corrosion resistance of Frame
  • High Tensile Strength Structure
  • Hollow-less Structure Frame
  • Tempered Glass- Triple
  • Layer Structure Back Film

Solar Panels

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