Sharp Solar 115W Amorphous Crystalline Solar Module

SHARP’s NE-80E2E photovoltaic module is designed for large electrical power requirements. Based on the technology of crystal silicon solar cells cultivated for over 35 years, this module has superb durability to withstand rigorous operating conditions and is suitable for grid connected systems.


High-Power module (150 W) using 125.5 mm square monochrystalline silicon solar cells with 13.5 % module conversion efficiency. Photovoltaic module with bypass diode minimize power drop caused by shade. Textured cell surface to reduce the reflection of sunlight and BSF structure to improve cell conversion efficiency: 16.4 %.
Using white tempered glass EVA resin, and a weatherproof film along with an aluminum frame for extended outdoor use.
DC 12 V system and high voltage output for grid connected systems.


Solar Panels

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